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Mapei Mapesil T Caulk

Price per Unit (piece):  
SKU: 093994*000910
Weight: 2.20 lb / package
piece(s) in package: 1.00 
• manufacturer part# 00091
• gtin 093994000910

Mapei Mapesil T is a professional-grade, 100%-silicone sealant for use on multiple substrates. This product is specifically formulated for heavy traffic and expansion/movement joints exceeding both ASTM and ANSI standards.

Mapei Mapesil T caulk see technical data sheet
manufacturer part# 00091
color: #00 white
packaging 10.1 U.S. oz. (299 mL) cartridge

click for Mapei Mapesil T caulk color palette

Features and benefits:
• Color-matched to MAPEI’s color palette
• Formulated to a low sheen to match the gloss of grout joints
• Rated for heavy-traffic and expansion/movement joints
• 100% silicone for use in interior, exterior, wet and dry installations from Res 1 to 6 and Com 1 to 6 as detailed per TCNA Environmental Classifications
• Excellent elongation and flexibility for use in both change-of-plane and joint applications in tile or stonework
• Can be used in pools and spas
• Helps to prevent mold and mildew

Where to use:
• Interior/exterior residential and commercial installations from Res 1 to 6 and Com 1 to 6 per TCNA Environmental Classifications
• As a flexible barrier/filler between horizontal/vertical surfaces and any other changes of plane
• Expansion joints in non-traffic, normal-traffic and heavy-traffic areas
• Countertops, vanities, sinks, bathtubs, showers, steam rooms, pools, spas, backsplashes and fixtures

• Application temperature range is 40°F to 90°F (4°C to 32°C).
• Mapesil T may stain porous materials. Test a small area for staining or leaching before use to ensure compatibility with such porous materials as natural stone.
• Mapesil T should not be used in areas where material may come in contact with plasticizers or other materials that will prevent or diminish adhesion.
• Do not use Mapesil T for structural glazing.
• Not for use in expansion/movement joints with greater than 25% movement.
• For joints with depth greater than 1/2" (12 mm), the caulking depth must be controlled by a closed-cell backer rod.
• Joint widths should not exceed 1" (2,5 cm).
• Although Mapesil T is color-matched to MAPEI’s grout color palette, expect a slight variation in color due to the difference in composition between materials.
• Not paintable; painting should be done before installation of Mapesil T.

Product application:
Read all installation instructions thoroughly before installation.
1. Caulking should take place after grout in the installation area has set.
2. For a clean, straight and neat sealant joint, mask both sides of the joint with masking tape.
3. Do not open the Mapesil T cartridge until preparatory work has been completed. Cut nozzle tip to the desired bead size at a 45-degree angle.
4. It will be necessary to insert a sharp tool (such as a screwdriver) inside the nozzle tip to puncture the protective aluminum foil seal inside the cartridge.
5. Apply Mapesil T with a caulking gun using steady, even pressure to completely bridge joints. Completely fill joints with sealant.
6. Tool the sealant using a “jointing tool” or the back of a spoon dipped in a solution of soapy water, to create a concave joint shape with a neat appearance.
7. Immediately after tooling the sealant, remove masking tape and wipe off any sealant from the face of the veneer with a paper towel before the material skins over. If the material skins over, excess sealant may need to be removed before curing with a commercial solvent.
8. Cured sealant will require mechanical means to remove.

• Protect the installation area from traffic or water for at least 24 hours at 73°F (23°C).
Note: Larger beads of caulk and cool, humid conditions will require a longer drying time.

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