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DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil 33.8 fl oz

Price per Unit (piece):  
Weight: 4.00 lb / package
piece(s) in package: 1.00 
After the initial installation of your DuChateau floors, a light coat of the DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil is recommended.

DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil (33.8 fl oz) is an excellent all purpose ready-to-use cleaner for all common kinds of hardwood and laminate floors. DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil efficiently removes dirt, grease while leaving an invisible antistatic protective thin film on the clean surface.

1 liter of DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil will cover approximately 750-800 square feet of flooring when properly applied.

Persistent stains or marks:
If DuChateau Parquet Cleaner does not remove individual marks or stains from the wood, DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil can be used as a stain remover. Mix the DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil and apply a very small amount to the stain and rub gently with a cloth. If the stain is not removed, gentle use of a non-abrasive scrub pad (such as a Scotch-Brite scrub sponge) can be used in place of a cloth. Rub in the direction of the grain. Particularly with White Oil finished floors, aggressive use of a scrub pad may lift white color from the floor.

Annual maintenance and conditioning:
Depending on the environmental conditions and amount of traffic, annual application of the DuChateau Maintenance Oil is recommended to moisturize and condition the floor. In dryer climates and on areas that receive a higher amount of traffic, more frequent application may be necessary to properly maintain your floor. The DuChateau Maintenance Oil benefits the floor in multiple ways.

The open, porous nature of floors allow the floor to absorb and/or release moisture (depending on environmental conditions). The Maintenance Oil will help moisturize the floor.

The wax element of the Maintenance Oil works similarly to the wax coating on the paint of a car. It provides an extra layer of protection from contaminants that may have spilled on or may come in contact with the floor.

The oil element of the Maintenance Oil may help brighten the natural graining of the wood and may enhance the color.
As wood floors age, high traffic areas tend to wear more than non-high traffic areas. DuChateau Maintenance Oil may be applied to the high traffic areas only without having to re-coat the entire floor. However, the entire floor should be maintained at least annually. Regular application of the Maintenance Oil will provide longer-lasting protection and help to keep your floors looking beautiful for many years to come.

Application of DuChateau maintenance oil after installation:
After the initial installation of your floors, a light coat of the DuChateau Clear Maintenance Oil is recommended. There is already Hard Wax Oil applied to the floor during the manufacturing, so this treatment is a light surface coat and not a saturation of the floor.

Shake or stir the can well. There are wax solids that settle in the oil that need to be blended for proper application. Pour the Maintenance Oil into a squeeze bottle. This will allow more control over the amount of oil applied. Squirt a small amount of the oil along the floor, spreading as thin as possible with a soft rag. Use a cotton rag that does not have loops of material that can snag on corners or in textured grain. For best results, spread along the grain, wiping off excess as you go.

While applying, there should not be any pooling of the Maintenance Oil. When applied properly, the floor should have a slight sheen but should not appear wet.

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